Our custom printed workwear provides an effective, but cheap way to market your corporate brand, and comes in many different designs, including protective hi-vis work shirts, cargo shorts, overalls, and embroidered work shirts. All our workwear apparel is made from the finest fabrics and come with plenty of open space for a custom printed message of your choice, be it your business name and logo or some other form of corporate message. No need to break the budget either, get all the hi-vis workwear you'll need for cheap right here.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Workwear

Mens Short Sleeve Hi Vis Polo
Mens Short Sleeve Hi Vis Polo Shirts are the traditional style hi vis garment with contrasting panels and perfect for work safety wear.
from $24.09 to $17.66 ea
25 min qty
High Visibility Hoodie
High Visibility Hoodies make an excellent addition to any staff uniform range where work safety clothing is required
from $52.14 to $41.97 ea
25 min qty
High Vis Short Sleeve Work Shirt
High Vis Short Sleeve Work Shirts are an excellent choice for high vis safety workwear with large size range and quality reflective 3M tape.
from $48.43 to $38.75 ea
25 min qty
Hi Vis Long Sleeve Work Shirt
Hi Vis Long Sleeve Work Shirts are another quality hi vis clothing garment made from 100% cotton for extra comfort.
from $51.23 to $41.18 ea
25 min qty
Embroidered Work Safety Shirt
Quality Work Safety Shirts with short sleeves and conforms to Australian safety standards for day use as part of a work safety uniform.
from $37.29 to $29.10 ea
25 min qty
Hi Viz Flying Jacket
Hi Viz Flying Jackets for safety workwear with a high visibility tape and colours to keep all your workers safe.
from $75.65 to $60.18 ea
10 min qty
Hi Vis Workwear Safety Jacket
Hi Vis Workwear Safety Jackets offer excellent value with choice of high visibility colours and great range of sizes.
from $82.45 to $65.98 ea
10 min qty
Mens Cotton Drill Work Shirt
Mens Cotton Drill Work Shirts are as tough as they come. Smart looking shirts for staff workwear look great with an embroidered logo.
from $38.12 to $29.82 ea
25 min qty
Mens Long Sleeve Workshirts
Mens Long Sleeve Workshirts are perfect as part of a workwear clothing uniform, made from tough cotton drill material.
from $38.61 to $30.24 ea
25 min qty
Vented Cotton Work Shirt
Vented Cotton Work Shirts in lightweight cotton drill material are comfortable summer uniform work shirts.
from $40.59 to $31.96 ea
25 min qty
Daytime Hi Vis Vest
Daytime Hi Vis Vests conform to Australian safety standards and are great custom work vests for outdoor use.
from $10.40 to $6.58 ea
50 min qty
High-Vis Shirt
High-Vis Shirt's give you all the flexibility of a great quality product for your workmen, and able to be branded with your companies logo also.
from $35.23 to $27.31 ea
25 min qty
Reflective Work Pant
Reflective Work Pants are a great product for night time work as they have incorporated a reflective tape element to make you more visible at night.
from $42.08 to $36.47 ea
25 min qty
Cotton Denim Work Jeans
Cotton Denim Work Jeans are the ultimate in workplace comfort, ensuring that you have a quality product for your companies work apparel needs.
from $41.17 to $35.68 ea
25 min qty
High Vis Cotton Work Coverall
High Vis Cotton Work Coveralls offer you a quality work wear item, which is lightweight and durable, all at a wholesale price.
from $69.38 to $56.91 ea
25 min qty
Two Tone High Vis Work Jacket
Two Tone High Vis Work Jackets have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the busy professional looking for a fresh workwear alternative.
from $82.25 to $68.07 ea
25 min qty
Outdoor Safety Jacket
Outdoor Safety Jackets come in a variety of sizes and are excellent quality work wear that make for extremely practical staff uniforms.
from $128.69 to $105.42 ea
10 min qty
Hi Vis Rain Safety Jacket
Hi Vis Rain Safety Jackets come with a high visibility and waterproof construction for effective use anytime, no matter what the conditions.
from $67.98 to $55.70 ea
25 min qty
Breathable Hi Visibility Jacket
Breathable Hi Visibility Jackets are designed with your workers interests in mind and make for a long lasting addition to your workers uniforms.
from $92.31 to $74.39 ea
10 min qty
Lightweight Workman's Overall
Lightweight Workman's Overalls are excellent promotional products that are lightweight but still great quality and versatile tools.
from $67.73 to $55.48 ea
25 min qty
Cotton and Polyester Coverall
Cotton and Polyester Coveralls won't break the marketing budget but still deliver to your customers excellent promo items.
from $64.27 to $52.48 ea
25 min qty
Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt
Long Sleeve Cotton Shirts make for great custom uniforms due to their quality and durable nature which makes them reliable and practical.
from $29.87 to $25.88 ea
25 min qty
Heavyweight Cotton Drill Trousers
Heavyweight Cotton Drill Trousers are the industrial strength trousers that are perfect work gear for your workers.
from $31.85 to $27.60 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Wool Blend Pleated Stretch Skirt
Choose Ladies Wool Blend Pleated Stretch Skirts as part of your delegation’s uniform.
from $61.39 to $53.02 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Poly Viscose Stretch Stripe Mid Length Lined Pencil Skirt
Employees look efficient and stylish in Ladies Poly Viscose Stretch Stripe Mid Length Lined Pencil Skirts.
from $43.24 to $37.29 ea
25 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

Custom printed workwear and uniforms are an ideal item to represent your team, business, or organisation. Here at Promotional Clothing, we specialise in the supply of hi-vis jackets, hi-vis vests, ladies’ skirts and dresses, overalls, work shirts, and other work garments. All our uniforms and workwear are of high quality, made of the finest fabric. No need to worry about your budget as well, because it is our mission to provide you high-quality products at reasonable prices. Keep your workers safe and comfortable while promoting your brand with our promotional workwear.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Whether you’re in construction or manufacturing, you’ll find here the right clothing that your employees can wear on the job. And with various styles and colours to choose from, our workwear and uniforms are sure to make your workers look good, inspiring them to perform their best even under challenging environment. Browse our huge collection, and click the items that interest you to know more details. Or, you can also contact us via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you with your concerns.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this collection, try our custom hospitality clothing page. These items are specially designed for workers in the food industry, such as chefs, waitress, bartenders, cooks, restaurant managers, assistants, and more. Our hospitality clothing collection includes polo shirts, aprons, chef pants, long sleeve shirts, kitchen tunics, trousers, vests, and workwear accessories, like scarves, bow ties, and hats.