Promotional Towels

At Promotional Clothing we carry a great range of promotional towels in a variety of styles. Our towels can be custom printed with your brand or message while others can be embroidered.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Towels

Gym Towel
Gym Towels designed to fit a work bench and we can do custom towels with your gym name embroidered or printed on these towels
from $11.68 to $8.75 ea
50 min qty
Team Towel in Microfibre
Team Towels in Microfibre are high quality sports towels that are great value for any marketing budget.
from $13.51 to $10.36 ea
50 min qty
Striped Gym Towel
Striped Gym Towels are superior sports towels.
from $33.99 to $26.24 ea
25 min qty
Super Sized Beach Towel
Super Sized Beach Towels are premium promotional merchandise.
from $30.68 to $24.10 ea
50 min qty
Florence Golf Towel
Florence Golf Towels are competitively priced.
from $10.24 to $6.30 ea
48 min qty
Ashton Golf Towel
Ashton Golf Towels are a practical golfing gift idea.
from $46.19 to $39.86 ea
50 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

Do you have an upcoming outdoor event and need a way to stand out from the rest? We have a great solution for you! Our promotional towels make a striking walking advertisement, whether you’re promoting beach products or showing appreciation to your guests. They offer large branding space, so you know your message will be seen by more prospects. Also, people will find plenty of use for them every day, so no matter where you distribute these towels—at picnics, sporting events, beach parties, tailgate parties, fundraising gatherings—they will always be well received.

Promotional Clothing has collected dozens of high-quality towels, which can be custom printed or embroidered with your logo, name, contact information, short message, and other details. These towels come in different styles, colours and sizes. You can order large towels for drying up or round towels for lounging. Our beach towels are perfect to display in your souvenir store, while our golf towels make a great gift for those who play golf. We also offer sports towels, which are ideal for fitness centres, health organisations, and sports clubs. Our range of sports towels include cooling towels, lightweight towels, and custom-shaped towels. All our towels are designed with durability and comfort in mind. They can be washed and reused many times over and still retain their softness and quality.

Promotional Clothing also offers a great selection of personalised bathrobes and slippers to accompany your promotional towels. They are made of different materials, ranging from cheap cotton to expensive faux mink and fleece. Order in bulk to get huge discounts.