What All Cricket Players Need

Every true Aussie loves their cricket! However, it is crucial when picking the perfect cricket wear/gear. Having the correct and appropriate cricket wear enhances your ability to play better. Moreover, our promotional cricket wear assists all types of cricketers - juniors to professionals.

Our range of promotional cricket gear include

  1. short sleeve polo cricket shirt
  2. 160gsm cricket shirts
  3. cool dry cricket shirts
  4. short sleeve cricket shirts
  5. long sleeve cricket shirts
  6. men's cricket pants
  7. drawcord cricket pants
  8. long sleeve cricket polo shirts
And all of these allow you to
  1. breathe easy - comfortable cotton interlock fabric
  2. play comfortably - better wear means a better game
  3. wash easily
They are also
  1. absorbent
  2. long lasting
  3. dry fast
  4. available in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs
  5. lightweight - breathable material

All you cricket players need to keep in mind that your comfort in the outfield is important to provide for yourself and your team. So order our amazing cricket wear merchandise in bulk today!

Play a better game!

15 July, 2015

The Promotional Clothing Team