Keep Your Feet Warm And Comfortable

Everyone loves to have a pair of good socks! At PromotionalClothing, we have a huge range of great quality socks many businesses tend to order to promote their brand on. But why socks? Socks are an important necessity. They are worn by every Australian. Socks keep your feet warm and comfortable. Everyone needs a good pair of socks to wear when they are out and about or just at home. However, people tend to not care about the quality of their socks because they are just “socks”. Great quality socks mean your feet won't be

  • stinky

  • uncomfortable

  • damp


Our Moisture Wicking Socks are one of our best high-selling socks on our website. These socks come in sizes for kids 7-9, ladies 9-11 and men 10-13. They are manufactured from soft moisture wicking material to help keep your feet cool and dry. Moisture Wicking Socks also come with a mesh top that allows your feet to breath easier.


These Moisture Wicking Socks are the socks you need for your business. They can be imprinted with your

  • company name

  • company logo

  • particular message

  • particular image

This will help showcase your brand to potential customers. Using these socks as promotional giveaways will give your business a good name. Who wouldn’t want to have these brilliantly designed great quality socks on their feet! Order our amazing socks today.

Moisture Wicking Socks

7 September, 2015

The Promotional Clothing Team