Bathrobes & Slippers

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Hotel Slipper
Hotel Slippers are great for lounging about.
from $9.88 to $8.16 ea
50 min qty
Classic Hooded Bathrobe
Classic Hooded Bathrobes are luxurious in white.
from $46.22 to $34.03 ea
25 min qty
Deluxe Bathrobe
Deluxe Bathrobes are an excellent corporate gift idea.
from $49.68 to $33.82 ea
25 min qty
Deluxe Kimono Bathrobe
Deluxe Kimono Bathrobes are premium corporate gift ideas.
from $61.89 to $45.40 ea
25 min qty
Super Soft Plush Bathrobe
Your brand will feel like royalty on Customised Super Soft Plush Bathrobes.
from $97.55 to $92.32 ea
25 min qty

Personalised bath robes with custom embroidery, bamboo or waffle material and personalised dressing gowns are all here. You have a choice of quality bathrobes like our terry bathrobes made from terry towelling material. These dressing gowns are made from combed cotton giving them a super soft feel and are ideal hotels for those targeting higher end clients.

Our personalised dressing gowns are a great promotional item as many people buy them after enjoying their stay at a hotel. Our dressing gowns are suitable for both men & women and we have lighter embroidered bathrobes like our unisex waffle kimono shape robe with matching belt and belt loops.