Basketball Uniforms

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Basketball Shorts
Basketball Shorts that offer great value for money and come in seven solid colours with option of matching basketball singlets
from $14.32 to $12.08 ea
25 min qty
Coloured Singlet
Coloured Singlets are unisex adults singlets made from polyester, suitable for business professionals
from $15.68 to $12.21 ea
50 min qty
Mens Cool Dude Singlet
Men's Cool Dude Singlets are top quality and inexpensive.
from $16.75 to $13.25 ea
50 min qty
Cool Kids Singlet
Cool Kids Singlets come in a variety of colours.
from $16.98 to $11.32 ea
25 min qty
Urban Basketball Shorts
Urban Basketball Shorts are popular kids sportswear.
from $17.94 to $12.13 ea
25 min qty
Poly Basketball Singlet
Poly Basketball Singlets are versatile singlet tops that offer excellent branding opportunities for custom imprinting
from $18.40 to $12.69 ea
25 min qty
Kids Basketball Singlet
Kids Basketball Singlets feature a V shaped neckline.
from $18.58 to $12.67 ea
25 min qty
Mens Classic Shorts
Men's Classic Shorts are available in your choice of seven popular colours.
from $19.54 to $13.48 ea
25 min qty
Sports Shorts
Sports Shorts are practical and top quality.
from $19.54 to $13.48 ea
25 min qty
Mens Basketball Singlet
Mens Basketball Singlets are 100% polyester.
from $20.50 to $14.29 ea
25 min qty
Slam Dunk Mens Basketball Shorts
Bad Boy Men's Basketball Shorts come in a 160gsm weighted fabric.
from $21.14 to $14.83 ea
25 min qty

Cheap basketball uniforms with sporty contrasting coloured trims are perfect for your next purchase for the school basketball uniforms. We have kids sizes ranging from a size 4 to 14, plus we have an excellent range of mens custom basketball singlets too. Mesh singlets made from 100% polyester are super comfortable to wear while playing basketball and are easily customised to help promote your club, school or sponsor.