Promotional Towels

At Promotional Clothing we carry a great range of promotional towels in a variety of styles. Our towels can be custom printed with your brand or message while others can be embroidered.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Towels

Personalized Beach Towels
Personalized Beach Towels can be either printed towels or embroidered towels with your corporate logo and promotional message
from $19.50 to $14.19 ea
25 min qty
Fitness Towel
Fitness Towels perfect for travelling with their compact size and made from super soft and absorbent microfibre material
from $13.58 to $8.98 ea
25 min qty
Team Towel in Microfibre
Team Towels in Microfibre are high quality sports towels that are great value for any marketing budget.
from $14.15 to $9.81 ea
50 min qty
Promotional Golf Towel
Promotional Golf Towels have a soft pile and can be embroidered or screen printed with your company details
from $12.64 to $7.63 ea
25 min qty
Leisure Beach Towel
Leisure Beach Towels can be custom branded.
from $26.93 to $17.82 ea
50 min qty
Sports Workout Towel
Sports Workout Towels are popular when branded.
from $15.93 to $12.74 ea
50 min qty
Corporate Golf Towel
Corporate Golf Towels are inexpensive and useful.
from $39.49 to $33.04 ea
48 min qty
Carnival Golf Towel
Carnival Golf Towels are lightweight and practical.
from $14.26 to $7.50 ea
48 min qty